iboothme's mission is to accelerate the transition of brand engagement online.


We've augmented your platform's value with add-ons that will generate engaging and memorable virtual experiences


Let your guest snap their photos with their favorite sports player and create the hype online! (copyrights needed)


The Virtual Mosaic collects all the event's photos to build an impressive artwork mixed with engagement.

Live streaming

In case your guests can’t make it to your events or you prefer to keep everything online, you can easily stream all your photos live on any screen, of any size, anywhere in the world.

AI background removal

Who needs a green screen to make some magic? Add or create your own backgrounds for a truly unique and immersive experience.


Stream your visual with different dynamic styles onsite or online

Live Printing

Turn your Virtual Photo Booth into hybrid and let your guests receive their printed branded photos.


Not everything can be shared; you'll have full control of the data and media contents.

Dropbox/S3/Google Drive integration

Save all your photos instantly on your storage and ease the sharing with your clients.

We believe that virtual engagement needs more than creative visuals. We will soon integrate games, music, quiz, and any virtual approach that will help you answer your client challenges.

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