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Brands are massively spending their dollar marketing on social media. Prospects are bombarded with adds and that can be translated to bad marketing.

Start to engage with them in order to get their attention and their ❤️

Powerful tool to survey and collect data from guests and customers.
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Birth of Hybrid events

Recently the event industry are assiting to a birth, the birth of hyrbid events.

Combination of a traditional & virtual will create hype

Interacting digitally with your prospects is awesome but what if they show up in your shop? The combination of a traditional event and virtual will create the hype.


Unveil a new product, maximize hype and create a bridge between virtual events and on-ground activations with the Giftbox, a unique, see-through and fully customizable creative solution that guests can unlock using a secret code sent through the app.

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The Sanitizer amplifies your brand communication through engaging virtual experiences and safe on-ground interactions without a single touch. Fully customizable, wall-mounted or free-standing with a built-in contactless sanitizer dispenser.

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The best part about making memories is getting to hold on to them. Your guests will love receiving these special moments as awesome flipbooks, branded printouts or souvenir items, at the event or delivered to their home for free.

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